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Kristin Mejia

While attending a popular music festival in Atlanta, Georgia, Kristin Mejia was shocked, disappointed, and downright pissed off to find that the venue wouldn’t allow her to bring her electric breast pump to the event. (Besides, there would have been no electricity to use it had she been allowed to have it onsite.)

Although still breastfeeding her one-year- old son, she wasn’t about to miss out on seeing some of her favorite musical artists. But that meant this breastfeeding mom (whose son remained at home) would have to pump at some point during the all-day music fest. Refusing to be relegated to using her manual breast pump in the unsanitary conditions of the public restroom, and being the bodacious modern mom she is, Kristin sat on the lawn and expressed milk from her breasts, right alongside the other concertgoers.

Liberating as it was, Kristin decided that no other mom should ever have to do that. And exBREASTyourself was born.

 Kristin is a lifelong disrupter, which is why she started the exBREASTyourself Movement in 2015 to express her passion for the rights of moms and children. She believes every public venue — from museums and theme parks to malls, coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and more — needs to have facilities to support moms as they introduce their children to public life as part of an active lifestyle.

Born in Compton, California, Kristin grew up in Gallatin, Tennessee near Nashville. She holds a B.A. degree in Spanish from the University of Memphis.