for breastfeeding mothers.


exBREASTyourself is a movement.

We're here because there's a problem. Founder Kristin Mejia loves music festivals. When she became a mother, she didn't want to give up her love but she was also breastfeeding. She went searching for accommodations made for pumping mothers and found there were none.

exBREASTyourself is a moment.

Mothers have a right to feed their babies anywhere they legally have the right to be. But what if baby isn't there? What of the mothers who need a safe and clean place to pump and store their breast milk? Many places don't allow backpacks or coolers which pumping mothers must have access to to keep their breast milk cool.

exBREASTyourself is advocacy for modern motherhood.

We're isolated! We're alone! We're tired of giving up everything we loved before we became mothers (and we shouldn't have to). Millenial moms know that having a life outside our families is just as important as staying up-to-date on the latest safety standards is. We're on the move and we like it that way! Our children don't end our lives, they enrich them! It's not either or, we can be amazing mothers and follow our passions.